Saturday, July 14, 2012

Swimming Lessons

We have been wanting to put Hailey in swimming lessons for a while now, and we finally did it back in June. We weren't sure how she would do because she is very afraid of water getting in her eyes. So we got her some goggles to wear. She loves swimming. The teacher uses simple terms and examples so Hailey understands. She is very good at blowing bubbles. She is still cautious about walking in the water without help.

While big sister is having her lesson, Bradey is able to play in the kiddy pool. He loves the water...until he loses his balance and falls!

Bradey's Rock Star Birthday

Bradey's birthday was back in February, but wanted to make sure there was a record of it in pictures.

Bradey likes hot dogs, so we had that in addition to lots of candy and homemade donuts.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hailey Turns 4!

Happy Birthday Hailey! On December 17th you turned 4 years old! You have grown up so much. You are such a big helper to us. You are always watching out for your brother, you love to learn your letters and numbers, your favorite food is noodles with butter and cheese, your favorite color is dark pink, and you like anything girly.... dressing up, having your nails painted, chap stick, purses and sparkly shoes!

For your birthday you wanted a lalaloopsy pancake birthday. On Saturday, your actual birthday, we started out by going to a new pancake restaurant called The Original Pancake House. Your cousin Melody, your Aunt Natalie, Uncle David, Uncle Skip and Aunt Peggy all came with us. You had chocolate chip pancakes, we sang Happy Birthday, and you opened up a couple of presents... a penguin winter hat scarf combo, a princess cash register, and a high chair for your baby doll that turns into a swing and a carrier.

Then you wanted to go and see Santa Clause and the Ice Princess. They wouldn't let us take pictures with Santa and the Ice Princess unless you bought their pictures so we didn't get any pictures here, but you were excited to see them.
Then we went to a yogurt place you like called Pinkberry, and then at home you ate noodles with butter and cheese, your favorite, and watched the movie Rio.

Then on Sunday we had another little birthday party. Your grandpa and grandma main were out of town for your birthday so they came over on Sunday. You had a lalaloopsy birthday, or as you call them "Dollyloopsies"! A lalaloopsy is a type of plastic rag doll. Each dolls outfit is made from a profession that gives the doll their personality. Sunny, the one that you are asking Santa Clause for, is made out of a farmers overalls.
For dinner we made lalaloopsy fruit skewers by printing out lalaloopsy pictures from the computer.

Then you wanted pancakes again, with strawberries, chocolate chips, whipped cream, and syrup!

Before your party you helped decorate your cake, and the icing bag EXPLODED!!
Good thing you love the color pink!!

Your Lalaloopsy Number 4 cake! I am not a cake decorator, but it made you happy!!

And how could you have a lalaloopsy birthday party without dressing up like a lalaloopsy. We called you Cupcake Lalaloopsy! Your skirt was made from a cupcake liner, and you had frosting ribbons in your hair. Your socks were lalaloopsy socks provided by Grandpa and Grandma Stewart. You said it was your "Best Birthday!" A best birthday for our best girl!!

Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011 has come and gone but I still wanted to talk about it for us! In October Hailey found some red sparkly shoes! She loves sparkly shoes so we found a costume to match! Who better to dress up as with red sparkly shoes than Dorothy from Wizard of Oz! And we couldn't just have Dorothy we needed a cowardly lion! We found a lion costume for Bradey and he didn't even put up a fuss!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Making Bradey Laugh

Bradey is at a fun age (6 months) where he will laugh at pretty much anything. He always gets the hiccups when he laughs though.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Making the first day of school fun

While browsing the web for ideas, I came across this awesome website that lets you create animated videos! So here is mine for the first day of school next week! Before watching it, make sure your volume is on and you turn the music playlist off. Welcome Back by archuletamusic

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

What did you think?!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Family Pictures

Back in April we had new family pictures taken. It was the perfect day for them. We had them taken at a park not too far from our house. We think they turned out great!

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